Trantra Brisbane Goddess: Eschell

Trantra Brisbane Goddess: Eschell

Brisbane Tantra Goddess Eschell




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Private lessons for men or couples to learn and experience the benefits of tantric lovemaking and tantra massage. Beginners to advanced Call Sharni now 0430194940.

Tantra is such a wonderful experience.I am connected to my feminine Goddess and truly enjoy her gifts of divine love, sacred sex and sensuality. They have enhanced my relationships enormously. I am able to use my background in healing, reiki, massage, kundalini release, reflexology, aromatherapy and yoga to bring the Divine connection to my clients.

I enjoy helping conscious men who wish to learn about the many ways to improve their love making skills so they can connect with their partner on a more intimate level. Your partner will love the way you meet her needs and it will bring renewed love and spice into your relationship on a daily basis (your lovemaking starts long before you get to the bedroom).

All conscious men want to be the best lover and partner they can be for their partner. You will learn the skills to be truly present with your woman, to master your masculine energy to control ejaculation and to experience multiple orgasms (just like your partner can) without losing semen and to enjoy the valley and full body orgasm. These secrets and more will increase your virility and health and open your heart to be the loving partner your woman longs for.

Our sexuality is to be enjoyed. It brings closeness, a sacred heart connection, fun, laughter and incredibly, enjoyable sensations and emotions to enhance your relationships. As your tantric goddess I am honored to assist you on your journey of blending the sexual and lovemaking secrets of tantra with your expanded understanding of your heart-felt masculine energy. It’s a journey not to be missed as there is no time like being in the present for enjoyment, fun and pleasure in a heart expanded space that spills over into every area of your life.





Nasa, 43

The session was incredible! I learn so much about how to receive and to give sensual pleasure.

Andrew, 27

Thanks Eschel for yesterday, it was different and mind-opening, I thought I new about sex and what turns a woman on but all this was new to me and it makes so much sense when you think about sensuality and sexuality being holistic. Eschell taught me some Tantric breathing skills as well as ways to try some thing different with my girlfriend.Thanks.

Andy, 31

Thank you for your time today, it was a wonderful experience, I went way beyond what I had ever experienced before.

Matt, 35

I had heard about tantra and how it can add so much to a physical relationship so after meeting Eschell and really enjoying the first session I thought I would give the whole three sessions a try. Eschell coached me through and I was amazed how I felt after each session, particulary session three. I felt tingles all throughout my body. Felt energy in all my chakras.  I’ve never felt anything like that before.

Jack, 45

Felt energy in heart chakra and had tingles all over my body to fingers & toes.


William, 39

Felt energy in heart chakra and then went up to crown.  Appreciated the sessions & felt relaxed at the end.


Ross, 52

I feel so serene & fabulous.  When I came I had a headache and was so stressed out, becuase I have such a hectic and busy schedule, I never knew about the healing power of a tantric practice, I now rave about it to all my friends!



The sessions were an uplifting experience and I would highly recommend it for every guy. I have never experienced feelings like that before. It has helped my relationship enormously.