Newcastle Tantric Goddess


Newcastle Tantric

Goddess Lani

I come from an ancient lineage of tribal shamans and have been in conscious contact with the Goddess energy from a very early age. I have apprenticed with many masters and highly gifted teachers of Sacred Sexuality and has explored numerous sensual and sexual paths in the Living Yoga of Enlightened Sex

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About the Tantra Goddess’s

All goddess’s listed on this website are highly skilled and have taken extensive training with Tantra Education P/L. They are more than simply erotic masseurs or Tantric massage practitioners. This is in their training but then know and practice much more than that with you:

They have the Tantric techniques to address most areas in Men’s sexuality and can help them with things like ejaculation control, staying power, virility issues, how to turn on their partner more, putting new spark into their relationship, internal orgasm, multiple orgasm, teach men tantric massage to help their woman enjoy more pleasure during sex and orgasm more frequently and turning sex into a sacred experience, in fact up-skilling in every area of their lovemaking; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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