FAQ | Tantra Goddess sessions

FAQ |Tantra Goddess Sessions

FAQ |Do you need to have any previous knowledge of Tantra to do the sessions with the Goddess?
I’ve had a tantric massage.
Does the goddess do that?

I have many questions about Tantra Goddess Sessions:

Do you need to have any previous knowledge of Tantra Goddess Sessions?

Any knowledge you’ll need before the session, I will give you over the phone, and direct you to a secure page to go to a 10 minute talk that explains what happens and prepares you for the session. Some people like to read the book first, however I personally like to learn by experiencing something and then reading about it. So what you read about afterwards in the chapters I suggest, will have much more meaning for you seeing you can apply it to your experience. The goddess will give you the book at the session.

I’ve had a tantric massage. Does the goddess do that?

She gives an excellent Tantric massage where you not only get to experience sexual ecstasy but also multiple orgasm and the valley orgasm; An orgasm where you don’t have to lose semen. She will also teach you how to give a Tantric Massage to your woman, this is important because if you are only receiving a Tantra Massage there is no interaction with your partner. You don’t get to experience her sexual energy or learn anything about what to do with her. These Tantra sessions are more focused on practices you can use with your woman after you leave the session. So what the Tantra Goddess does with you over the 3 sessions is so much more than a Tantric Massage.

I’ve heard tantra involves non-ejaculation, is that right?

It can and there are some benefits. There is definitely a benefit in not coming too soon so you can allow your woman to go into higher states of pleasure. Tantra certainly teaches you that. However, having intercourse without ejaculation may seem a strange idea at first. A lot of people say: “Well, why make love? That’s the best part!” It appears to be the best part until you learn how to experience other forms of orgasm. You are taught ways in Tantra of having an internal orgasm called a Valley Orgasm – where you feel totally satisfied like after orgasm, but you don’t feel drained.

This certainly helps when your sex drive is less than your partners because you can make love a second, third or fourth time. Of course just hanging on to it isn’t healthy and it can make you irritable. It’s very important you are taught ways to spread the sexual energy so that this is not a concern.

Another benefit of learning to build energy through non ejaculation is that when you do come, you will be amazed at how powerful it is and so will your partner! For a lot of men, as they get older, ejaculation is more like a blip than a roar.

Most men think they orgasm when they ejaculate. However ejaculation is only one form of orgasm and it is small stuff compared to ‘whole body orgasm’. You learn about this during the sessions

 Can these sessions help with virility and maintaining an erection?

It is written in the ancient texts of China and India that it was common for emperors, kings and noblemen trained in the arts of lovemaking to be passionately making love in their eighties with up to twenty consorts or lovers, all of whom they were keeping sexually satisfied.

Obviously I am not suggesting you will be able to do anything like this in one session but it will certainly give you the secrets of how to work towards a virile sex life throughout your life.

If you decide to not do anything about it now, then unfortunately you will end up like many men with prostate problems, lack of desire or even if you have the desire, you won’t be able to do anything with it. You can end up dependent on medication and no-one knows the long term effect of that. Medication can be helpful on occasion but if you would like to learn the secrets developed over 2,000 years of study and experimentation, written about in Tantra which relate to sexual virility of any age, then this could definitely be a worthwhile investment for you. You will see results during the sessions.

I feel a bit nervous about seeing the goddess. I’m a bit over weight and also I’m not sure I’ll be able to do what’s expected.

Firstly relax! You will feel very comfortable with her – that’s part of what it is to be a tantra goddess. Your weight will not be an issue or your age or her age, or even your experience. You will forget your concerns, your daily hassles and everything else she will work with who you are at essence, not your age or how you think you look. In tantra it’s called your ‘Shiva essence’. Don’t worry it will be so nourishing and reffeshing to feel so comfortable being with a woman like this.

Also you will find, it will have lasting and deeper effects with your confidence with all women. You’ll need to address your lack of confidence with women sometime; it may as well be now, with someone who can guide you.

Other questions

Why do you call the women Goddesses?

In Ancient India and China and Greece, there were women of the temples who used their sexuality in a sacred way, as healing and initiation into the mysteries and secrets of making love.

They were conduits for the mythological goddesses of love and sexuality like Aphrodite, Ishta, Venus and Shakti. In modern times, the Tantric Goddesses you meet in the session will embrace these qualities of sensuality, sexuality and grace of the ancient Goddess traditions.

The session is not religious in any way, and will not influence or change your existing religious beliefs in any way.

Goddess is not the counterpart of God!

What is the difference between Tantra Massage and what the Goddess does


Tantric Massage is a whole body massage. It is a good experience, and any of the goddess’s on this site can give that. But because you have a good erotic massage, it doesn’t mean that you will be any better at making love. You are just lying back and receiving it. The goddess sessions are about what you can do to be a better lover, how to make love to a woman and to deeply satisfy you and your partner on many levels.

Tantra Goddess Directory is a website of Tantra Education Australia Pty Ltd.  And in association with the Australian School of Tantra offers Professional Teacher Training in Tantra. All Goddess’s listed are graduates qualified as Practitioners – They are highly qualified to teach Tantra Massage, Tantra lovemaking skills for Men – ejaculation control, erection strength, virility through Tantra practise, satisfying their partner on all levels : physically, emotionally, spiritually, Tantric extended orgasm, Tantric multiple orgasm, intimacy skills for more heartfelt connection with a partner. Tantric massage and skills to turn his woman on more.

Tantra massage is offered in Mel, Syd, Perth, Brisbane, Newcastle. Many people offer Tantra massage. A lovely experience but receiving a tantra massage doesn’t mean you will be a better lover!

Both Tantra Education Australia P/L and the Australian School of Tantra teach men how be better lovers. Tantra massage is included in the sessions, and also included is how give your partner a tantra massage experience also, so you can use it with your lover.

Another aspect brought into the Tantra massage we offer is that the Tantra Practitioner will make sure you can last much longer than you can now, so you can experience Tantra multiple orgasm and higher Tantric state of consciousness to take you beyond what you have experienced before.

Tantra massage itself is a very small aspect of being a better lover; of satisfying your partner on all levels. You need many more skills that tantra massage. If you are just looking for a sexy massage with chakra touching and breathing, which some call tantra massage then are programs are not just focused on that. You would be best to go to a Tantra massage place – There are plenty of people offering Tantric massage. But if you want much more than that and really experience what Tantra is about and have skills to take back to your woman or the next woman you meet, then Tantra sessions for Men with Tantra Goddess Directory Practitioners is your direction.

Qualified Tantra Practitioners are available throughout Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Newcastle, you can look at our home page and see pictures of each Tantra Practitioner in a location near you.

A lot of people ask for tantra massage, but once they hear what is offered in the Tantra Sessions for men they want much more, because to be a lover skilled in Tantra you need much more (not just giving a tantra massage), and women love Tantra because it involves heart-felt, soul-full lovemaking and you can provide that with the Tantra skills you will learn in your tantra sessions with our skilled Tantra Practitioners.


Who are the Goddesses and what are their qualifications?

The women who have trained as Tantra Goddesses have all completed an intensive training and mentoring program with the Australian School of Tantra as well as with Tantra Education Australia.  Each woman has been selected because of their own unique qualities, all of the Goddesses have been on a personal and professional path of Sacred Sexuality and genuinely enjoy thier sessions, they are inspired by introducing and guiding men and couples on the path of Tantra Awakening. Please read their individual profiles.